• Eco-friendly VOC Emission Double sided Tape
    Features This is based on and particular for Eco-friendly products.VOC emission level lower than the indoor air quality value designated or other products ldeal for fixing backup materials of interior fixtures.High performance for heat resistance.water pr
  • Standard double-side adhesive tape
    Features: Stable adhesion to metal, plastic snd other materials. Suitable for wide temperature ranging from low to high. Good holding Power. Structure:Application:Sticking for electrical product nameplate, plastic products made of PP,PC, ABS and so on. Ty
  • Strong adhesive double sided tape
    Features: Has the excellent intial tack and holding power.die-cut workability and stability.Excellent adhesion to plastic,rubber and rough surfaces.Remains the excellent holding power during the high temperature.Long term 80℃,short term up to 150℃.has 2 …
  • Multi-purpose double-sided adhesive tape
    Features: Excellent adhesion capability and holding strength,good adhesion to most materials such as PP,PE,PC,PVC,ABS,aluminium and metal materials. Perform better resiliency than other double-sided adhesive tapes,widely used. Structure:Double adhcsive ta
  • Multi-purpose double-sided adhesive tape
    Features: Good adhesion to membrane and plastic materials.The adhesive thickness is 150 um and 160um.Peel force up to 25N,holding strength up to 100hours.Exclusive low temperature resistance up to 40℃,high temperature resistance to150℃,With short-time re…