• Eco-friendly VOC Emission Double sided Tape
    Features This is based on and particular for Eco-friendly products.VOC emission level lower than the indoor air quality value designated or other products ldeal for fixing backup materials of interior fixtures.High performance for heat resistance.water pr
  • High transparency Double side Polyester Tape
    Supe thin ashesive tape can be easier to applied for bonding in limited spaces or clearances.Offers strong bonding to PC window,optical waveguide plates and reflective sheets used for LCD backlight modules.
  • Bonding tape for Optical film sheets,Graphite sheet & EMI materials
    Coated with ultra-thin adhesive,deliverhigh adhesion and high transparcy produts Use under environment with direct sunlight temperature and high bumidity,products still remain excellent performance.
  • High transparency double sided Polyester Tape
    Goog adhesion adhered to the graphite sheet and cell phone back or motherhoard,stainless steel heat sink etc.superior adhesion for wide tanging applocations.PET filmic carrier has excellent heat resistance and good dimension stability
  • Double Sided Tape with Different Adhesive side
    Uses a strong adhesive for one side permanent purpsoe and weak & re-peelable for the another side for the re-position or workable need..has weather and solvent resistance. Excellent performance during the lower or high temperature.
  • Double sided polyester tape
    Uitrathin.high shear strength.good for product micromation and miniatureization by efficiently reducing space.Good anti-aging and UV resistance capability.low haze.Excellent adhesion capability.
  • Double side Ultra-thin Polyester Tape
    Ideal processability,Use thin PET film as release liner and plastic core to minimize dusr emission.Use thin polyester film for better conversion prior to use and offer less blocking and oozing,easy to operate.
  • Double side Ultra-thin Polyester Tape
    FeaturesColour:transparent.Long time heat resistance80℃,short period150℃.Has high performance both shear strength and tensile strength umder the high or lower haze.humidity resistance.Good peel strength ideal for bonding plastic.rubbe,nameplates,easy for…
  • Precision electronic component double-sidde adhesive tape
    Features Good anti-aging capability and high tensile strength.Good solvent,soften and water resistance.Excellent processability and temperature resistance.Products in compl StructureApplicationSuitable for plughole and fixation.like precision electronic p
  • Precision electronic component double-sided adhesive tape
    Features Stable adhesion to metal,ptastic and other materials.In comptiance with ROHS environmental requirements,suitable for wide tempcrature ranging from low to high. StructureWith polyester as carrier,coated with high performance pressure sensitive adh
  • Membrane swithch double-side adhesive tape
    Features High adhesion strength,resistant to resilient and warp.Good insulation and moisture resistance for membranc switch spacer.Fspecially bonded to PET film.High tensile strength,good weather and high temperature resistance,comply with ROHS.Two releas
  • Black/white double sided adhesive tape
    Features: High tensile strength with black PET film as carrier. Good light shading performance. Good adhesion to various materials. Structure: Application: Fixation of cell phone spare parts,LED backlight moulding panel,for example,sticking LED indicato…
  • Black/white double sided adhesive tape
    Features: High tensile strength with black PET film as carrier.Good light shading performance.Good adhesion to various materials. Structure:Application:Fixation of cell phone spare parts,LED backlight moulding panel,for example,sticking LED indicator on …
  • Black White light shielding. Reflecting tape
    Features 1、Light shielding and reflecting result great. With both features of light shielding and reflecting. Exercise excellent performance on fixing strength.2、Excellent characters to Weather resistance, Acid resistance. Halogen Free. StructureAdopting…
  • Black/white double sided adhesive tape
    Features Use black Polyester as carrier,coated with pressure-sensitive adheseive.Excellent in shading lights and adhesion strength.Excellent bonding to a wide range of substrate surfaces.Anti-warping,high temperature resistant and anti-weatherizaton. Stru
  • Crepe paper
    Features: Good adhesion, good temperature resistance, good longitudinal tensile strength while easily torn transversely, good holding power, no residue. Structure:Adopted high strength and soft crepe paper as carrier,coated with rubber adhesive on single
  • Released film
    Features: Flat and glossy surface,coated evenly,no defects such corrugation,tearing,bubble,pinholeGood tensile strength,difficult to generate flaw and accumulate dustExcellent shearing performance,easy for die cut and punching processing,excellent high te
  • OCA Optically Clear Adhesive
    Features Good resistance to heat,moisture and cold.Good wearable and sealability performance.Super transparent and smooth.No mark retained when peeled off the released liner.Good die cut performance.good for improving processing rate and product pass perc
  • Waterproof foam double sided tape
    Features 1.Has the flexible physical feature,adhesion adapted to suit the deflection and deformation during the temperature changing.2.special foam is very thin and impact and rough absorption, igh bonding strength. has the excellent initial tack.It has t
  • Transfer tape
    Features: Stable adhesion strength to metal and plastic materials.Suitable for temperature ranging from low to high, comply with ROHS environmental requirements. Structure: High density and smoot kraft paper coated with performance modified pressure sensi